So, it’s been a while….

I guess you could say we got off track on the debt free plan. Life hit us, HARD. The good thing is we haven’t accumulated any new debt. The bad thing is we really haven’t made much headway, on our past debt, in the last 6.5 months. It sucks. It makes me pretty darn upset. I mean yeah, things come up that change your plans and you just gotta go with it. We will get stuff paid off eventually. BUT, I STILL WANT TO BE DEBT FREE BY 2020.

So, what can we do? Do we just settle and push back our debt free date? There has to be something else we can do. There has to be.

So we happen on this one day and my almost 8 year old son absolutely falls in LOVE with the idea….

16 year old builds tiny home to guarantee mortgage-free future

Our house is our biggest expense. So it makes sense that downsizing it might actually put us back on track. So we’ve been reading, researching, watching videos, trying to decide if we can actually make this happen for us. We have kids (3 +1 on the way) so it seems that it would tricky to find space for everyone. I don’t know. Maybe it is out of the question but, we need to do SOMETHING. We are not happy sitting here owing money on our house and on that stupid, stupid credit card. Whatever we do it is going to have to be drastic. I just don’t know how drastic at this point.

I guess it is time for more reading, more planning, and more ideas. We WILL be debt free by 2020, the question is how?

The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less. -Socrates


Slackers? I think not!

Sorry i’ve sort of fallen off the face of the planet. These last few weeks have been insanely crazy. We have been working like there is no tomorrow.

What we’ve accomplished in the last three weeks:

We planted a small orchard (we now have 18 trees).

We put up just about 300 foot of fencing (I am not looking forward to finishing the rest of our nearly 3 acre property).

We cleared a TON of brush and even cut down a few gigantic pine trees to make way for our fence.

I started organized our pantry and freezer.

I cut all the fabric needed to make 40 super spitter bibs (18 of them for my sister-in-laws twins).

I made 6 pound cakes for the freezer (seriously, yummy!)

I also made 30lbs of cookie dough for the freezer. Yes, I realize this sounds insane. But, I am a true bulk cooker.

I am tired!  But man we got a LOT done.

I’ll go into more detail about each of these projects in the coming weeks. But until then, I think I deserve a nap. :P