Food Experiment #1

So every once in a while I don’t know what to cook. Sometime its because nothing sounds good. Sometimes it is because there is really nothing left to cook. What is a busy mom to do in those situations? That’s right, we improvise!

A little of this, a dash of that, bake for 30 minutes and its like a miracle (or a fiasco) depending on the day.

Today I had one of those days nothing I had pre-prepped and frozen sounded good. So without a recipe and no idea what i wanted, I set forth to make something tasty…..

Today’s ingredients: Whole chicken, raspberry hazelnut vinaigrette, lemon, garlic powder, and fresh Rosemary from the garden.

Today’s Method: No measuring. Just throw everything into the convection roaster and wait.


Miracle or fiasco? Only time will tell but it sure does smell yummy!

It’s that time again!

Time to pay the bills, AGAIN?

It was tight this month but our credit card (that we haven’t used since 2009) is FINALLY under $15k!! Big milestone, huuuge milestone. When we started this journey it was double that.

Next month we plan to pay it down another $2k. If we keep at this pace we’ll have no trouble getting it paid off by Christmas. Talk about an awesome gift. I just can’t wait!