Here chickie chickie…..

Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
George Bernard Shaw
Knowing where our food comes from is extremely important to us. In addition to our debt free journey we are also on a journey to cut out all pre-packaged processed “foods”. After all, we want to be around to enjoy our life when we are debt free, right?
Why hello there!

Why hello there!

At the beginning of the month one of Greg’s co-workers adopted chicken from someone who could no longer keep them. There were more than he wanted so he offered us 4 hens that were already laying. We had already built a chicken coop so we said, “YES!! We’ll take them.” I was really nervous about getting them while the weather was still so cold but, they made it through the freezing temperatures just fine.


They are awesome little chickens and I am glad we got them when we did. We are getting 16-18 eggs/week (the perfect number for our family).

Had we stuck to our original plan (getting baby chicks in April) we would have still been buying eggs until October when the chicks were mature enough to start laying eggs. Sometimes modifying the plan a bit is a good thing. :)

Our first eggs!!

Our first eggs!!

Now I’m off to search for re-usable dishwasher safe egg cartons. I know they exist it’s just a matter of finding a good quality one at an awesome price.

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